I Am Tiffany LaSha'

Media Personality, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur, Singer, Writer, Producer, Philanthropist, my favorite title is mommy to Bella Amore.

Rise, Grind, SHINE!

Bold, bright, bubbly, Tiffany LaSha’ is a star! From guiding community youth, founding a thriving organization, and  hosting a successful radio show, she is THAT fiya!! Blazing trails with a spirit of excellence, radiating energy, operating on another frequency,  this woman of God is one to watch!

Full of CONFIDENCE, her voice equally sultry, smoky, soul filled, and a face card that cannot be declined, Tiffany LaSha’ is captivating!  All of that said, it’s her HEART for most. She gives as much as she grinds inspiring a dedicated “Grind Gang”, a creative, motivated team working to propel one another further, faster. This is core to Tiffany’s belief that we are better together.

Believe it, speak it, DO IT! is her mantra.

Focused on God & following her dreams, if ‘Make it Happen’ were a person, it is Tiffany LaSha’.  Brilliant visionary, rich in character, purposefully connected, her future’s as golden as her crown.  If she has her way, we will all soon be watching her inspire, uplift, & SHINE…onscreen.

With the motto, “When you do it, do it BIG, All the Way Around!”, Tiffany LaSha’ is stepping out on faith, doing JUST THAT!

You can catch ‘It’s Your Day!’ with Tiffany LaSha’ every Saturday morning at 10am on Rejoice 96.9