Educate, Empower, Elevate!

“If you make it happen for others, God will make it happen for you!”- Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Power Personality! 

Through her Elegantly Graceful Program & Pageant Organization, Tiffany LaSha’ provides girls ages 5-17 a safe, positive, environment in which to Educate, Empower, ELEVATE!

Believing that we are better together is what compelled her to become “the village”.  Her heart for youth is illustrated as she teaches program participants to embrace their unique talents and gifts.

Through dedicated staff and purposeful partnerships with like-hearted women, Tiffany LaSha’ is changing the narrative and perspective for girls across the Upstate. Affirmative self-imagery, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and the power of connection are just a few areas in which they’re equipped.

Any visit to her office you’ll find 1 of a family of volunteers as passionate about her work as she is…literal family.  They are parents, grandparents, guardians, and members of the community who see the fruit of her work in their daughters. 

The call on her life to work with youth only deepened with the blessing of motherhood. Daughter Bella Amore is her muse. The same fierce, beautiful love that is her namesake is bestowed equally among the girls her mother selflessly pours into.

Focused on fueling game changers, Tiffany LaSha’ is consistently DOWN FOR THE CALL!